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Elevating Platform

Elevating platforms are perfect for advanced lifting applications in many projects ranging from panel coating to cladding and glasswork to restoration as well as for use in narrow spaces in applications inside buildings or at construction sites. Their compact dimensions and maneuverability allow them to be safely used instead of cranes in many applications where lifting is required.. Their dimensions are small enough to fit through a standard door and they are strong enough for all heavy lifting works. These lifts have various boom lengths and are able to lift loads in a range of 800 kg - 4000 kg. They are available in telescopic and spider versions. Although designed with tracks, they only have maneuverability in the work area. Hiab cranes and tilt / slide trucks are used to transport them to required places. They are available in diesel, gasoline and electrical (battery) types. They are also known as spider lifts, tracked lifts and battery panel assembly lifts.

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