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Mobile Crane

Mobile cranes are used for installing and dismantling tower cranes and prefabricated buildings, hauling equipment located on roofs (air conditioner components, air conditioners, chiller units, generators etc.), hauling materials for finishing works of high buildings, steel roof and steel construction assemblies, fitting tasks in bored pile constructions, precast structure assemblies in road constructions and for lifting any materials, equipment and machinery at construction sites.

They are transported using lowboys in long distances. Mobile cranes are available as tracked frame boom (off road) or wheeled telescopic boom (on road). Off road cranes have 30 - 120 tons of carrying capacity. However, they are used in large and industrial construction sites with poor land conditions since transportation vehicles are required for moving them. On road wheeled cranes are also commonly used as they can travel without a transportation vehicle between construction sites inside the city. On road cranes have 60 - 1000 tons of carrying capacity. Hiab is commonly used in Turkey and preferred by construction sites that require cranes up to 90 tons, which is the economical limit. Therefore, on road mobile cranes commonly used on the market have a capacity between 100 and 500 tons. The main boom lengths vary between 60 and 80 meters. Jib booms allow boom lengths to be increased up to 90 - 150 meters. As on road cranes cannot move with rear weights, rear balancing weights and jib booms are carried separately using semi-trailer trucks.

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