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Who can receive services from Benim Filom?

Benim Filom offers services for all superstructure construction works such as residential projects, schools, facilities, hospitals and work centers as well as all infrastructure works such as construction of roads, bridges and dams, and other projects related to electricity, water, installation and heating. We fulfill all needs by construction sites in various provinces of Turkey, in addition to İstanbul.

Which machines and equipment can I rent from Benim Filom?

We offer machines and equipment needed at all stages in a construction site, from demolition to excavation and foundation laying to roofing. Our portfolio consists of equipment options that are used at the construction site throughout the whole process from start to end, such as containers, power generators, trucks and excavators for excavation as well as cranes, suspended cranes, tower cranes, plastering and screen machines and concrete pumps needed for operations and forklifts to haul materials used in construction and decoration stages.

What is Benim Filom’s business model?

Benim Filom uses an innovative business model offered by Borusan Holding to construction industry. It ensures that the machinery is used more efficiently, contribute to the economy and operate within a digital system. This business model allows our customers to easily rent all the machinery needed for construction from start to end, using a single point of contact.

How can I use Benim Filom?

Please call our customer center at 0850 210 56 00 or fill-in our form by clicking “Get a Call from Us” on our website to take advantage of the services offered by Benim Filom. After obtaining detailed information about your construction site and needs, we will connect you with the relevant sales representative who will fulfill your needs using our A+ supplier network powered by Borusan assurance.

What are the advantages of using Benim Filom mobile app?

Our customers can easily and instantly place their machinery requests with a single tap using Benim Filom mobile app. They can also use the app to instantly check their company details and invoices, and to make mobile payments. We provide legal documents and certification for machinery and equipment requested by our clients and provide transparent communication through digitalization in the construction industry.