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Basket Crane

Sepetli Vinç

These are hiab machines used in tasks where it is required to work at a height, such as putting up flags, posters, exterior painting-coating-cleaning and steel installation.

They can move in traffic without requiring a separate transportation vehicle as the basket crane is mounted on a truck. This is why basket cranes are used in 95% of building constructions in urban areas. They are available in different types ranging from 24 meters to 65 meters. The most common models are available in 24 - 43 meters. They are mostly used for hauling and renovation tasks in universities and municipalities, maintenance works requiring lifting and baskets in shopping malls, in difficult-to-enter facility areas, exterior maintenance and repair tasks for public and commercial buildings, telecommunication base station-tower/rooftop renovation tasks and putting up billboards and panels
They have a wide range of use as they are utilized in lifting up people. These machines are also commonly used by fire fighters and power transmission line staff.

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