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Tower Crane

Used in construction sites where long-term and continuous need for cranes exist. They are generally used in construction works.
They vary depending on specific needs and area of use. Tower cranes come in different models with or without a top tower, mobile, rail, self-erecting (hydraulic), fixed to the ground or with carriage assembly. Towers with or without top towers also have self-erecting types that use a hydraulic escalation system.

Although they are available in hundreds of configurations based on specific needs, cranes with 2 to 8 tons of lifting capacity at the end boom are very common, particularly in building constructions.

Tower cranes with a 6-ton capacity are the most frequently used models in most of the construction sites. Under hook height and boom length vary depending on the model. Boom length is between 30 and 60 meters in commonly used models. Tower cranes can remain at fixed heights or can be risen as the building goes up in height. They are fixed to the building with connections at certain intervals. When a tower crane is to be raised, modular tower elements are added to the structure using the climbing frame located on the body. A mobile crane is used for installation and dismantling. A semi-trailer truck is required for transport a tower crane. Components of a Tower Crane include the base complex, base balancing blocks, masts, boom complex, balance boom, tail balancing weights and the climbing frame.

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